Tattoos allow you to express emotions and feelings, but not all those who are tattooed are pleased at the end of their choise. Maybe they have a first idea, but then they get a tattoo that actually was not what they wanted.
A great way to avoid making a choice that you might regret is making temporary tattoos, which can be later made definitive -or not- and that can be easily removed with no problems. You can use water to apply temporary tattoo and easily remove them when you want.

Temporary tattoos can also be worn as an accessory and they are perfect for an event or for a special evening.

How long do temporary tattoos last?
The majority of tattoos lasts for 2 or 3 days. They are waterproof and there is no problem in the shower or pool. Apply the tattoo on dry skin area.
How do I remove the temporary tattoo?
Very easily, by rubbing with soap or with a cotton ball soaked in Johnson oil.
Are they safe?
Temporary tattoos are non-toxic and are safe for the skin. They are not recommended in case of very sensitive skin or adhesives allergy .

1. Use scissors to cut out the outline of the tattoo, leaving about 1 mm of the edge
2. Remove the plastic wrap and do not touch the drawing with your fingers, but hold it by the edges
3. Place the tattoo on clean and dry skin, pressing to make it adhere well over the entire surface
4. Bathe the tattoo paper with a cotton ball soaked in room temperature water
5. When the entire surface is completely wet, after about 10-20 seconds, the card will slide off easily leaving the tattoo on the skin
6. Avoid movements that may ripple or fold the skin where the tattoo has been done, for at least 15 minutes after applying the tattoo
7. Duration of the tattoo varies from one to several days depending on the point where it was made and the received stresses
8. When the tattoo ruins or you are bored to have it, you can remove it easily with soap or rubbing with a cotton ball soaked in Johnson oil

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